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A vehicle is one of the best innovations of all instances. We take it as a right because we have been delivered up with it. But if you will forestall and think about what people had to undergo years in the past just to get from one region to any other, you will be amazed. Even the richest of the wealthy needed to tour in such an uncomfortable fashion manner in comparison to how we travel these days. They needed to be on the road for days upon days rather than merely hours simply to attain their destination miles away. They had to go through bumpy, unpaved roads, and uncomfortably experience each bump thru the travel in preference to setting a vehicle on cruise manipulate and flying down the dual carriageway now not feeling a aspect. When looking into those different factors, you may simply respect what the car does for you.

Now the least you may do to expose a few appreciation for your terrible overused car is to take in reality desirable care if it. Show your car a touch gentle, love, and care for all it offers you. The first course of action should be is to go to an car parts keep and purchase a terrific high-quality, sturdy, strong vehicle cowl. They are genuinely now not as high-priced as you watched. If the expenses of the covers within the shops flip you off, do not surrender. Try to buy a wholesale vehicle cover for a more affordable fee. You can go browsing and look up the exceptional location to buy them. A cowl is the satisfactory investment you could make for your car. It will simply maintain your car looking best and new. In addition, it’ll prevent your automobile from the regular harm that occurs to most vehicles due to weather and environmental factors, such as fowl feces.

The fact is that automobile covers should be offered with the cars much like the other vehicle parts are offered collectively with the automobile. The problem is that human beings generally tend to downplay the significance of a vehicle cover and view it a luxury more than a necessity. But this is some distance from the fact. Car covers are extraordinarily critical for keeping your car in form. With the right first-rate cowl you can virtually upload years onto your vehicle’s existence. If you pick to sell it, you may be capable of get extra money for it.


SEAT develops and produces cars with an innovative and sporty design that meet the expectations and requirements of people who value attributes such as high technology, comfort, sophistication and performance. As one of the youngest car brands in European industry, this allows SEAT to combine new methods and philosophies with the experience of Volkswagen, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The result is a new approach in automobile manufacturing based on a solid expertise. The goal is to merge the Spanish passion with German technology into cars that come to perfection. It all began in Spain in the post-war period in 1950, when it was to encourage car consumption and develop the country’s auto industry (at that time there were 3.1 cars per 1,000 inhabitants), the state-owned National Institute of Industry (INI) , with the close collaboration of the Italian Fiat, was on May 9, 2007, the  S eciety  E spañola de  A utomobiles de T urismo. The creation of a Spanish carmaker was of extreme importance for the country, since it stimulated the growth and development of the industry: small producers of parts and components no longer needed to export their products.

Three years later the new company opened a factory in the free zone of Barcelona, producing its first car, named SEAT 1400, an elegant and spacious model destined for the luxury market, being ideal to be used as a taxi and offered in a wide range of versions . With a daily production of five vehicles, the big demand demanded that there was a large stock. On June 27, 1957 began production of the SEAT 600, a response to the growing demand for a car more economical and accessible to the emerging Spanish middle class. With this model also begins the era of massive motorization, with the SEAT 600 becoming the Spanish symbol of mobility and freedom, often called  ‘pellet’(small ball). Soon afterwards came the SEAT 800, being considered the most significant model of the brand for having achieved great acceptance in the Spanish middle class. The first exports happened in 1965, when a few units of their cars were shipped to Colombia. The following year, the 850 model, which shared the same mechanical base as the SEAT 600, came on the market, but it offered more space and comfort, as well as better performance. This model was the first vehicle to offer a wide variety of versions – including a sporty, four-door and adaptable. Shortly thereafter, in 1968, car production hit an impressive 1 million mark. In 1973, the construction of the technical center in Martorell, metropolitan area of Barcelona began, which started two years later.

Nevertheless, the euphoria of SEAT’s rapid growth was interrupted for a time by the unexpected shock of the 1973 and 1977 energy crisis and General Franco’s death in 1975, which caused profound changes in the Spanish political structure. At the end of this decade, in 1979, the presentation of the SEAT RITMO, an innovative and versatile vehicle, determined the way SEAT’s design should be during the 1980s. The 1980s began with the signing of industrial and operating with Volkswagen in 1982. With this, the technology and design of the cars of the Spanish automaker has evolved in a frightening way. From this moment, SEAT cars began to be recognized in the European market due to its Mediterranean design combined with the efficient German technology. Shortly after, in 1984, the company introduced the IBIZA model, one of its greatest commercial successes. In the year 1986 Volkswagen acquired approximately 75% of the shares of the Spanish automaker. It was in that same year that exports began to Europe, with the Netherlands receiving the first models of the Spanish brand. Also this year was created the sports division of the company, known as SEAT SPORT. In 1990 Volkswagen increased its shareholding in the company to 99.99% and officially changed its name to SEAT SA The following year TOLEDO was launched, the first model developed within the Volkswagen group. On November 22, 1993 the factory of Martorell was inaugurated by King Juan Carlos I of Spain. With this, quickly, in 1995, the SEAT of 10 million was produced.

The following year, in addition to winning the world rally title with an IBIZA model, which earned him great international acceptance, he presented his first mini-van, a model named ALHAMBRA, to the market. With the arrival of the new millennium, the company decided to reposition SEAT as a sports brand, being integrated into the group of sports brands of the Volkswagen Group, which also includes Audi and Lamborghini. As a result, in 2002 SEAT and Audi began to promote joint design, research and development management, using the assembly lines in a shared way, thus providing greater coverage of the market segments. In addition, the slogan  ‘SEAT. Auto emoción’ , reflected the values of the brand including the design and the sporting character. The year 2012 was marked by great news and many changes. They started with the brand’s new visual identity and a new slogan. In addition, its line of models was extended and renewed with the launch of the tiny SEAT Mii, which with its 3,560 mm in length, numerous possibilities of personalization and jovial design was an ideal model for big cities. SEAT has also adopted a new positioning. When you sit behind the wheel of a car of the Spanish brand, you do not start just one trip. Start an experiment. An experience that captures the imagination and touches the emotions. This is the essence of ENJOYNEERING, which the consumer will find in all new models that use the SEAT logo, including the Ecomotive and E-Ecomotive line of environmentally friendly cars. It is the philosophy behind everything the brand does, guiding it in the development of new and innovative concepts in the future. More details on mini cooper car cover


In January, SEAT announced that the name ‘Cupra’ would become a sub-brand dedicated to developing sports versions of its models. Today, in a special ceremony that took place in Barcelona, the Spanish manufacturer revealed the first model of Cupra as a sub-brand: the CupraAteca. According to Cupra, the new sports SUV is unique in its segment, it is practically a Premium model. It is the most powerful crossover ever made by SEAT, it is equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 300 horsepower combined with a dual-clutch DSG 7-speed automatic transmission. The CupraAteca has full wheel drive controlled by an adaptive system that analyzes the conditions of the road in real time in order to transfer power to each wheel according to the demands of the moment. The system monitors the speed of the vehicle, the speed of rotation of each wheel, the position of the steering wheel and the style of driving to provide the best possible torque and consequently optimize the traction. According to what has been announced, the new Ateca accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds and reaches the top speed of 245 km / h. The driver can choose between 6 driving modes, ‘Normal’, ‘Individual’, ‘Sport’, ‘Snow’, ‘Off-Road’ and ‘Cupra’. The latter reduces the engine response time and adapts the suspension to make driving more dynamic and sporty. The CupraAteca presents a lower ground distance of 20 mm compared to the base model. It features 19-inch alloy wheels and features Brembo brakes as an option. The interior is marked by Alcantara fabric and details in copper color (the brand’s new standard color). Optional packages that add interior and exterior elements to carbon fiber will eventually be offered.


The new CUPRA Ateca is already on sale in the Spanish brand’s dealers. The first model that will be marketed by CUPRA as an independent sub-brand of SEAT is already a reality. And as it could not be otherwise, following the current fashion, it is a high-performance sports SUV. However, and as would be expected, it has already been the subject of modifications by one of the main European preparers. ABT Sportsline experts presented their adjustment program for the new CUPRA Ateca. The purpose was to make the CUPRA Ateca SUV even more radical, powerful and extreme. The presentation of the new CUPRA Ateca ABT will take place at the Essen Motor Show 2018, an event that will open its doors to the public on December 1st. There will be gathered different brands of cars, specialists and preparers, companies related to the tuning sector and, in short, fans of the automotive world and the modifications of vehicles.

Although aesthetically the ABTA CUPRA Ateca presents some distinguishing traits in relation to the conventional ACPAA, the really important of this package of improvements is hidden under the hood. ABT Sportsline wanted to create ‘an SUV with the heart of a sports car’. As we will see later, the numbers announced by the series model are well behind. Visually, as can be appreciated in the images, the CUPRA Ateca prepared by ABT Sportsline equips ABT Sport GR wheels with a size of 20 inches. The rest of the exterior and interior remains unchanged. In addition to the change of wheels, the German preparer focused his efforts on increasing the efficiency of the engine. If we take a look underneath the CUPRA Ateca ABT bonnet, we find a 2.0 TSI gasoline engine coupled to a DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven speeds and a 4Drive all-wheel drive system. The engine has been boosted to considerably increase the performance of the Spanish SUV. Recalling that the CUPRA Ateca has 300 hp and 400 Nm of maximum torque, which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 247 km / h. After installing a power kit, the CUPRA Ateca ABT generates 350 hp and 440 Nm of maximum torque. That is, an increase of 50 hp and 40 Nm. Thanks to this increase, it is now able to complete the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds and reach the maximum speed of 255 km / h.


The list of preparers who dare to modify the new CUPRA Ateca continues to grow. The first model marketed by the brand that recently became independent of SEAT already presents a purely sporting focus, however, for some speed and high performance enthusiasts there may still be little. That’s where specialists like the Germans from JE Design come in, who have just presented their new adjustment program for the Spanish sports SUV. The preparer specializing in modifying SEAT models also put a special touch on the all-terrain that shows the CUPRA emblem. Although not an overly radical enhancement package, it offers novelties for both the visual and mechanical parts. All this for a modest price that will enchant those drivers who decided to acquire a CUPRA Ateca. Taking a look at the images, you can quickly see all the exterior news presented by CUPRA Ateca prepared by JE Design. It has been fitted with wheel arch extensions and bumper protections are available in glossy black or matte silver finish. Another of the modifications involved the shock absorbers, whose configuration was adjusted to reduce the free height of the body in relation to the ground in 30 millimeters. The preparer offers a selection of alloy wheels in two sizes: 19 and 20 inches. They will be offered with both a matte black and polished finish. However, in addition to these aesthetic changes, what really matters is under the hood of the CUPRA Ateca. Recalling that the series model is propelled by a 2.0 TSI 300 hp petrol engine and 400 Nm of maximum torque, arising coupled to a DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven speeds and a 4Drive all-wheel drive system. In order to increase engine performance JE Design offers an optimization of the ECU, which extracts 60 hp and 50 Nm of additional maximum torque. After this increase, the CUPRA Ateca generates 360 hp and 450 Nm, not bad. Now it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 259 km / h.

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